Operation Ground Zero - 300 Men Stand

300 Men Stand 

The 300 Men Stand event was a solemn assembly in Washington, D.C. on the morning of January 22, 2015 where over 50 Christian men, women and children from Upstate NY gathered to humbly repent and pray in front of Planned Parenthood D.C. to the God of Heaven for His mercy for our nation. We further asked His forgiveness "in proxy" for 300 major cities in America, especially for the sin of complacent inaction from the American Church concerning the murder of children in the womb, right in our own communities.

January 22, 2015 also marked the 42nd anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision which legalized abortion in America in all three trimesters of pregnancy. Since that date, over 60 million children have been murdered by abortion.

This massive shedding of innocent blood has brought about the judgment of God unfolding in America right now. When innocent blood is shed on the earth and justice is not brought, the Bible teaches that the God of heaven must respond and bring justice Himself, while calling His Church to repent and take action to help our neighbors in the womb..

Ten Good Men has launched our Operation Ground Zero campaign to challenge 300 or more Christian men in communities all over America to be present daily wherever there are local abortion centers. We are beginning with the 300 major cities mentioned above, and starting on the days when the babies are scheduled to die.

We will pray for God's mercy on us and our nation for allowing these precious children to be killed.  We will pray that God would be patient, granting us a little more time to see Him, as we co-labor with Him, turn this nation back to righteousness! 

After our morning prayer assembly at Planned Parenthood, we traveled to the National Mall to participate the 42nd Annual March for Life.

Why YOU should attend the March for Life annually in D.C.
and also be present at your local abortion facility every week:

Reason #1

The annual March for Life is a critically important event, as Christians must maintain a steadfast opposition to legalized killing in America. Without a massive presence from Christians all over the nation, our government officials have every right to assume that the Church in America has "made peace with child-killing."

Each year the Catholic Church faithfully sends hundreds of thousands of men, women and children from around the country... yet relatively few Protestant Evangelicals have attended. Ten Good Men hopes to change that and bring the God-given responsibility to do something about shedding of innocent blood to the thinking and actions of Protestant men.

Reason #2... and this is BIG!

Our NEW national initiative called: 
Operation Ground Zero - A Million Men Stand is a strategic plan we hope will help engender a movement of culture changers across the country. The idea is simple. Local leaders recruit men from all 300 cities in America who pledge to do three things: 1) Pray an hour a week in front of their local abortion clinic, 2) Attend our national "Operation Ground Zero" rally on January 22 each year, which is the anniversary or Roe v. Wade, and 3) Become equipped to engage the culture in America, and thereby play their role in city-by-city restoration.

Let's pray together for 300-plus cities... by name! Our ongoing emphasis is to pray prayers of repentance, as Daniel said, for our sins and the sins of our people, and to do so with each man locally holding before God the name of one or more of the 300-plus major cities in America. We will ask God to show mercy to these cities and to help us find and connect with the righteous men and women. Like Abraham concerning Sodom, we are looking for men, women and young people vexed in their spirit about the state of affairs in their cities and our nation, those willing to engage in God's restoration plans for their city.

Through these two spiritual acts, we hope to actually move the very hand of God to mercy and patience, literally asking God to halt or slow down judgment in America and give us and others a little more time to work diligently for the restoration of this once great nation.

We believe we are not at the place of Sodom and Gomorrah where "ten good men"
could not be found. Rather, we are convinced that there are certainly
many more 
than ten good men in all the cities in America!

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