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Thank You for Supporting the Work of Ten Good Men

We are deeply grateful for the growing number of faithful Saints who contribute financially to the strategic mission of Ten Good Men.  There are several ways that our friends partner with us and support this work:

Restorer’s Club: Those who have committed to supporting this work on a regular monthly basis are the “footer” of our financial foundation.  They are the bedrock below the financial walls that support this growing work.  Our Restorer’s Club members are those who pledge to donate at least $10 a month and who therefore faithfully provide us a steady budget that we can “build upon” as we reach out and serve more cities and more leaders through our seminars, strategic input, and relational support.

One Time Donations: Many of our partners find it easier to make larger one-time gifts to support this work, and these are very helpful especially around times of special projects and shorter-term fund development campaigns.

Revenue from our Seminars:  We are a new ministry and we aspire to make a significant contribution to the cause of cultural reformation and bottom-up rebuilding through the development and presentation of numerous strategically designed training seminars.  The initial training now being offered is ENGAGE AMERICA 300. Though we do not charge for most of our trainings at this time, we do make an appeal at our seminars both for Restorer’s Club Members and for one-time donors. We are grateful to those who attend these training sessions and invest financially relative to how they have been impacted.

Support our Second Annual Fund-Raising Banquet on October 17, 2014: This year our keynote speaker is Shawn Carney, co-founder of the international pro-life ministry, 40 days for Life. Their ministry is responsible for saving almost 9,000 babies and their mothers from abortion.

Our goals for 2014 are to see at least 250 in attendance and raise at least $30,000 after expenses. Please consider attending one of our upcoming "Underwriters Breakfasts" to catch the vision and excitement and help us raise the entire cost of the banquet before we even get there. We also need Table Sponsors (donors who give $250 up front and then fill a table) and Table Hosts (friends who help us fill a table). Mark the date on your calendar now... and w
atch for details.

Training Resources: TGM is working day and night to develop resources that can be accessed 24-7-365 by those wishing to see America restored… one city a time, and who are not interested in waiting for a seminar to come to town, etc.  Completion of several baseline training resources is a major goal of TGM for 2013.  Watch for these tools online and support our efforts through purchasing these resources.

Short-Term Capital Drives:  Starting January 2013, we will offer our friends opportunities to support specific projects and help launch new initiatives.  Please consider supporting these as you’re able and led by God.

Business Sponsors:  We are grateful for the enterprises that invest in our work either at our annual fundraising banquet time or for various projects.  Business donors who contribute at a certain level earn the option of being listed on our website with advertising links, and we encourage our followers and friends who visit our site to consider supporting these businesses.

President’s Society: This investor group is comprised of donors who are compelled and able to underwrite this ministry in a very large manner with both their time and financial resources. These contributors are invited to an annual one-day retreat where the vision, direction, and strategy of TGM is shared, updated, and discussed and where input is highly valued.

Our deepest thanks for all of you who partner with us at any level.  May the Lord bless you and grant us all a good return on our investments in His work!

Ten Good Men is a Christian organization with a 501(c)(3) status and donations may be tax deductible. Please consult with your tax professional for specifics about taxes and donations.
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