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Engage America 300

America is rapidly collapsing all around us...and many
Christians and Conservatives don't know why!

The United States teeters on the very edge of disaster. What the followers of Christ do ~ or DON'T do ~ during the next few years will have more to do with the future of our once great nation than anything Washington DC, Hollywood, the Federal Reserve, or any other power base in American combined could possible do.

But many Christians don't know the truth and... the 
HOPE of this bold statement!

Engage America 300 is an intensive one-day training experience that can and will change you life... and will welcome you into a groundswell movement that will change America!

What You Will Learn through Engage America 300 Training

Here's just a few of the "take-aways" you can bank on:

  • The truth about why America is in THE crisis of her 242 year life
  • How close we are to losing the U.S. Constitution and becoming a nation of draconian Socialism... but more importantly, what you can do to stop it
  • Why even a favorable outcome for the 2012 Presidential election would have had little bearing on America's future
  • Why abortion is fundamentally different than any other "social issue" in America and why the American Church must renew it's corporate effort to end it 
  • The Five Things the CHURCH  ~ not Washington DC ~ must do quickly to see America rescued from the brink of collapse
  • Why "rebuilding" America is very doable... and how "reacting" to the culture can steal precious energy and kill morale in the rebuilding movement
  • Why God expects His people in each generation to build with "three generations" in mind
  • How the American Clergy lost the Christian worldview of the Founding Fathers and how You can help them regain it
  • The ONE Biblical word that is far, far more important than the two biblical words on everyone’s mind... the "end times"
  • What the “7 Mountains of Culture” are and how the TGM movement can play a significant role in seeing them impacted ... starting in your city... starting next week!
  • Why women have been increasingly leading the way in many dimensions of the culture war, and how men can humbly yet boldly offer to lead again, especially where strategic vacuums exist
  • Why church attendance in America has been steadily decreasing for 30 years and why you feel unsatisfied with last Sunday's sermon
  • Five steps to identifying which cultural spheres you most likely can have influence in
  • The reason the Church in your city is so divided and why there is good hope that it can start to stand united once again
  • How to wisely, urgently, and yet patiently implement the five-point Ten Good Men strategy in your city
  • How finding your place "on the wall" can help you make more money... even in the Greatest Recession since the Great Depression

Why the Number 300?

There are roughly 300 cities in America with population of 100,000 or more.  Thus, as a training and mobilization ministry that carries a sense of urgency for our nation, our goal is to see Christians from 300 American cities engage this training during the next ten years.

Bring Engage America 300 to Your City

Ten Good Men is actively looking for cities interested in sponsoring the ENGAGE AMERICA 300 Training ay in their region.  As a ministry, we work hard to keep the costs associated with sponsoring the seminar to the bare minimums.

For more information, contact using the Contact tab on this site of by phone at 315-677-8019.

Why we Started this Training on the 40th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

The first presentation of the ENGAGE AMERICA 300 seminar was held in Syracuse, NY on January 19, 2013.  We launched this powerful training the very same month as the 40th anniversary of the infamous Supreme Court decision, Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion in America in all three trimesters of pregnancy.

By debuting this training the very weekend before that dreadful anniversary date, and by making as loud a “sound” as we can to the Body of Christ in America: It is WE  in the Church who must repent of apathy, allowing this holocaust to continue unrequited in our midst for now forty years. We aspire to move the very of hand of God towards mercy and Divine patience for America… and ask His heavenly grace to allow us time to Engage America in an historic rebuilding initiative.

An intensive one-day training program that will change your life... and will welcome you into a movement that will change America!
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