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Reaching the Tipping Point:

America has reached a dangerous "tipping point."  As a nation we are now literally teetering on the edge of becoming more committed to humanism and socialism than the biblical values on which our nation was founded…values that made us strong, free, and prosperous for over 200 years. 

Scores of Christian leaders in America now agree that if our course is not changed dramatically and changed soon, we will see more than fifty percent of our populace more committed to destructive ideologies than those committed to biblical values.  At that juncture, and it may be upon us very quickly, winning elections will no longer be an option…we simply will not have enough votes!

One would have to seriously have their head in the sand not to see the obvious collapse of a nation unfolding around us day the day. 

Many Christians do in fact see the crisis of the hour we live in and are deeply concerned about the future of our nation and the future their children and grandchildren will grow up in.  However many, maybe even most Christians are unsure what to do about it! 

Thankfully there are a number of Christian leaders and organizations dedicated to seeing biblically based change come about in America.  Perhaps you are already supporting one or more of these great efforts.

Nevertheless, the agonizing reality is that the battle for American culture is definitely being lost…or has been lost already!  The number of societal spheres in the U.S. where Christians actually lead and have strong influence is staggeringly small and diminishing by the month! 

Think about it. We have completely lost basically the entire educational system, from grade school to grad school.  We have almost no influence in the mainstream media, the arts, and entertainment.  And civil government is at least 70% controlled by those who routinely vote against biblical values.  Further, it could be argued that we have even lost the sphere of religion as we see nearly half of the so-called “institutions of faith” in our cities are not of Christian origin.

Thus we see, if we care about America’s future, more Christians need to join the battle.  More need to be recruited, inspired, filled with encouragement, trained, and helped to see where they can have a real impact… today, right where we live!

It is into this critical hour then that we feel called to offer an additional shoulder behind the plow, an additional voice calling for leadership, sacrifice and courage, and maybe even some additional elements of strategy that have been missing on the battlefield, ones that may be very important!

Nine Key Ideas we Hold as a Ministry

1. The Church in America has lost an historic and biblical understanding of its role in leading the nation as a city set on a hill, as a guiding light, and as a servant witness.

2.  What is unfolding in America is God's judgment on our nation, in particular for legalizing and embracing abortion, but also for the "sins of omission" in the Church: apathy and an unwillingness to do what it takes to abolish abortion.  This Divine judgment will continue to show itself in many forms including the rise of socialism, increasing terrorism, natural disasters, plagues, economic collapse, and even a further coercive silencing of the Church.

3. The key to turning the nation back to God is first for the men of the Church to lead in repentance over the sins of apathy, fear and unwillingness and to repent for the sins of our nation.  Repentance must begin in the house of the Lord.  If we can therefore find at a consensus of fully devoted Christian men in each city willing to work and pray for the repentance of the Church and the mercy of God on that region and act regularly to stop abortion, then we give God a solid basis for holding back judgment thus giving us time to stop legalized abortion in America.  We wish to be clear that we strongly encourage many godly women will be a part of these prayer teams, yet we firmly believe that we need to call the men of the Church to lead the way.

4. Legalized abortion in America EPITOMIZES the Church's apathy toward our cities.  Nevertheless, the Church has also become apathetic and irrelevant in ALL spheres of society.  If we are to be the “salt and light” of this nation, we will need to re-embrace our calling to serve every jurisdiction in culture.

5. Servant-leadership as taught by Jesus in Matthew 20:24-28 is the key to gaining and wisely stewarding influence in society.  The role of the Church is to demonstrate by God’s grace the virtues and character of the Kingdom, leading like Jesus does, who is both the perfect Servant and the ultimate Leader.  Because of Christ’s example, all Christians should aspire to lead as servants in every aspect of American culture.  This was the understanding, commitment and strategy of our Founding Fathers, seventy percent of whom were men willing to forego their earthly comforts to mutually pledge their lives, fortunes and sacred honor for their heavenly King and blessed nation. Their battle cry was “No King but King Jesus.” I believe with all my heart that the coming days will require no less commitment.

6. Society is made up of seven distinct spheres which Christians need to aspire to lead in and influence.  Those spheres are Arts & Entertainment, Business, Education, Family, Government, Media and Religion.  Christian men and women need to become “change agents” and lead in each of these seven spheres, which is the key to "reforming our American culture” not by force, but through servant-leadership with a humble heart.

7. The spheres of education and government are the most critical to lead in first.  Education is key, since it’s the "people factory" that is producing generation after generation of godless thinking and action.  If the Church does not act now, within ten years the battle will be lost because the American people will be more humanistic and post-modern than Biblical in their worldview.  We are almost there now!  The sphere of Government is also critical because it controls Public Education.  This is not to say that all seven spheres are not extremely important, but if we don't influence the educational system in a greater way soon, we'll totally lose the hearts and minds of the American people and Christianity will devolve further and further into an inconsequential, sidelined religion in America... and freedoms will fall.

8. Taking responsibility for our own children’s spiritual and academic education is critical to properly train "culture changers" for the next generation.  Most Christian families are allowing the humanists to educate their children at all levels and are later shocked to see that they have now adopted humanism as their life philosophy. 

9.  Despite much of the aforementioned current realities, there is a basis for HopeAmerica's cultural slide into moral depravity, economic collapse, and humanistic socialism with its loss of personal and religious freedoms, and the unfolding social breakdown occurring in America CAN be stopped! The situation is NOT terminal.  The culture does NOT have to self-destruct.  It is not “predetermined” or God's will in any way that America slide into moral depravity and collapse.  

There is HOPE!

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