Our Strategy

Our Strategy:

Ten Good Men aspires to play a role in seeing America restored to the Christian values we were founded on.  We will employ the following seven areas of strategy in the pursuit of this mission: 

Promote Strategic Prayer – The foundation of our efforts is the establishment of STRATEGIC PRAYER TEAMS (SPTs) across America, one or more in every major city.  These teams, led by not less than ten godly men, would seek to understand and employ the heavenly strategies of II Chron. 7:14 as a foundation for culture-changing action springing up in that region.  These teams will also advocate for the ministry of TGM by connecting us to the churches and key Christian leaders in their area.

Among other focuses, SPTs agree to pray for…

  • repentance from apathy of the Church in their region.
  • God’s mercy and patience as Christians again rise to lead this nation in the paths of righteousness.
  • the abolishing of legalized abortion in their city and nationally.
  • discernment for God's "culture changing strategy" for their region.

Inspiration. Millions of Christians in America desire to do something to help stop our nation’s slide into socialism and anarchy… but have not yet found where they “fit in.”  They see the daily headlines of increasing mob violence, political corruption, children committing adult crimes, imminent economic collapse, blatant lies in the media, and so much more. They feel the compulsion to do something, but perhaps have not yet heard the right “sound” that resonates with their heart.

One of the main ambitions of TGM and our ministry partners is to be that “sound” for hundreds of thousands of currently idle Christians and thereby inspire them to repent and serve at some level.  We simply need many more Christians in the overall effort of influencing America with Christian values.  Through websites, rallies, seminars, videos, etc. we seek to do our part in seeing a whole new portion of the Body of Christ rise up and  rebuild, from the bottom up!

Training. Through strategic communications we help Christians adopt a more historic and biblical view of the role of Christianity in society.  Christians in every nation should be advancing the values of the Kingdom of God (the lifestyle of Jesus) in all spheres of society and do so through servant-leadership.  Our abdication of this biblical role in society has created a “spiritual vacuum” into which ungodly people have gladly moved in and taken over.  This explains why America is now being led by those who do not know our God, and why America is headed into darkness and judgment! 

7 Sphere Mobilization. We support and promote the 7 Mountains of Culture view of society initially introduced by Loren Cunningham (Youth with a Mission) and Bill Bright (Campus Crusade for Christ).  These seven spheres of culture are: religion, government, the family, business, art & entertainment, education, and the media.  We will seek to help Christians understand how these seven spheres impact society and where they may be called to play a key role in cultural change.

Declaration. We provide an overtly Christian voice and perspective to local and  national media, commenting on relevant current events. We do this to speak prophetically to the culture as well as a means of making TGM known and our message heard.  The voice of the Church is seldom heard these days in the national media.  When we start, our voice will be small, but as TGM becomes a national network of city-by-city prayer and change agents, that voice will become louder.

Rally and Encourage. To promote our message, strategy, and hope we will plan and host larger regional and national training rallies and prayer events.   These settings will provide a “rallying” point at different critical moments in history and serve to better make the “sound” in that region, enabling more Christians to be encouraged, trained, and engaged.

Point the way. TGM aspires to give strategic help to Christians everywhere as to which battles to engage in and at which times.  Through timely bulletins, radio broadcasts, and video trainings, we offer our input on the cultural issues of the day and show how Christians can make a difference.

Please join us in the  vital work of seeing America restored to her righteous foundations!

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