What We Do


Stand In The Gap

America has reached a tipping point. Our future hangs in the balance. No nation can continue to shed the blood of the innocent unborn by the millions and not incur God’s judgement. We must see a change. It must start with us!


Join us in Washington, DC on January 2-24 2020 for Stand In The Gap 2020. An inspirational day of early morning prayer at the abortion center, training and encouragement over a meal together, and then joining in the annual March for Life up to the Supreme Court. More info.

Prayer At Abortion Centers

Our vision is to see Christian men praying in teams of two, 24-7-365 at every abortion center in America until abortion is ended in our nation. God hears prayers! The abortion center is the "ground zero" spot in the culture war! We provide training and help you get started in your city or region.


The culture war is real! And Christians lose by default if we fail to engage the battle for the soul of America. Through Biblical Leadership Training, we empower those promoting positive change in all spheres of American culture. Christians can... and should seek to influence every aspect of society.

7 Sphere Mobilization

We support and promote the 7 Mountains of Culture view of society initially introduced by Loren Cunningham (Youth with a Mission) and Bill Bright (Campus Crusade for Christ). These seven spheres of culture are: Religion, Government, Family, Business, Arts & Entertainment, Education and Media. We help Christian men & women understand how these "7 Mountains" impact society and where they are called to play a key role in cultural change. 

Interview with Real Life

David shares the Minsitry of Tengoodmen with J.Anthony Gilbert of  Cornerstone TV Network